My New Fave!

Back when I was a child, the simpsons was a cartoon like no other. It mocks the absurdity of todays society while at the same time making everyone feel relaxed and content. I don't know about you, but that's how I felt back in the day.

After it became a hit, a whole plethora of satire cartoons came into existence. There were obnoxious, straightforward, and others which are no doubt crude and distasteful. The wit comes often, but in most, all you get is a catty remark, one after another.

Then comes Rick and Morty. At first, you'd think it's just like American Dad, or Family Guy. I like American Dad, to be honest, (but I guess, that's for another blog post), but aside from the sarcasm, and whilst the family is quite dysfunctional, as what most storylines should be, they remind me of Doc and Marty in Back to the Future. Yes Michael J Fox is way cooler than Morty, and yes, he is much much more good looking than him, there's this whole plethora of other galaxies and multi-dimension that only rick and Morty knew on this planet, much like Doc and Marty only knew how the world from its history and the things that might happen in the future.
The lab coat, the jeans and shirt. The eccentricity of Rick's ways.

One word sums the series up and it is "Genius"! I am all in awe with this show and will be an ever loyal fan! ❤️


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