Millennial baby

Yes I am a Millennial baby.

Who grew up thinking the world is my oyster.

Who thinks I'm God's great gift to mankind.

Who thinks Philosophically, and is pragmatic at the same time.


Yes I am somebody,

And I feel like somebody.

So I should be somebody now…without working a leg and an arm for it.


You see, I am full of shit.

And I should've been told I was when I was.

I have histrionic tendencies, and I should've been brought back in my place.


And I see it now.

The things I learned at school, the places I've been, the people I've met.

Those privileges I got to experience,

The things my parents hand over to me,

Are not what defines me.


I should be grateful I was given an opportunity,

Not spite when I got held back in line.

I am a millennial baby

And I have to prove to the world what I can do.


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