First time files : WorldBEX

For those into construction, interior design, and marketing, this expo would be a great atmosphere to check out great innovation and designs.


Me however, do not belong here. 😦


I came here, originally, because I want to get ideas on how to build my own loft. I want to do it all DIY, and was hoping I can get great deals and discounts for future purchase, you know, like on weddings and travel expo?


And boy was I so wrong! It’s just like an over-the-top Ace Hardware store! Everything shown is also shown elsewhere, nothing new. Plus, when you ask on how much it costs per piece, most would raise their eyebrows. I mean, that’s the main reason I came here! To scout for equipments! Duh?!


So after gruelling almost three hours visiting different booths, I can say, it wasn’t helpful. I was hungry, and tired. Not only was I more confused on where to start with my loft, I grew weary with all the bricks and faux-wood planks shown to me.


Overall experience? Meh!



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