Food Rave: Sunnies Cafe

It’s late in the afternoon, you just came from the vet, and you haven’t eaten since breakfast. Your stomach is grumbling. It’s like you’re in the middle of a desert and you crave, no. You need water!

Suddenly, a mirage of heaven came! You see a restaurant with mouth watering dishes that are not too expensive for your budget. At last, You can finally eat! 

We came in Sunnies Cafe not expecting a lot. It’s a new resto. The name rings a bell, but you’re interested to find out a lot more. 

Not knowing what’s good or not, we ordered Crispy Tacos, Crunchy Herbed Fish Fillet, and Spicy Pomodoro. 
Spicy pomodoro

The pomodoro was the bomb! We enjoyed it the most. Quite tangy, and you can taste the fish, but won’t feel the fishy taste. 

Next thing I liked was the tacos. It’s shell was made of mozzarella cheese, so expect it to be quite salty. I enjoyed it, honestly. The beef is sweet, kind of like a bulgogi, and tender. The egg was a great equalizer. This is quail eggs though, so extra careful if you’re counting calories.

Crispy tacos… sorry we can’t help but pick a few before taking a snapshot 😚
Unfortunately we didn’t like the Crunchy herb fish fillet that much. We ordered it because of the crab fat rice, but it tastes liked soft cheetos. Also, we can’t taste neither the herb, nor was the fillet all that delectable. Overall, it has too much salt in al the wrong places. 

Too bad, we were really hoping for a hearty meal with this one. 😒
And because a meal won’t be complete without desert…

Right before we leave, we ordered something sweet to wash our tongues with. We got the Matcha Milkshake and IT’S HELLA GOOD! Its a combination of matcha powder, with green tea ice cream, rice crispies, and malted milk. 

Overall, I will rate it 4 stars. The cost of food is acceptable, the service is nice, but the interior is quite preppy. Too pretentious for me. Some of the food wasn’t all that good,  mga pwede na, to say the least. But because of the heavenly milkshake, all debt is forgotten. We ended up leaving happy and content! 
Will definitely go back for the milkshake! 😋


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