Time to switch


We’ve been having a bit of an issue with PLDT’s super slow internet connection. At first, we figured it probably was because we upgraded and the server simply hasn’t updated yet. But we called numerous times to their technical hotline, and one agent even said, paying for 3mbps could only give you 1.5 the most. 

We thought, maybe we need to upgrade to a higher plan, but the agent said upgrading wouldn’t make a difference. We’ll still have the same slow speed, with a higher price. 

So the buck stops here. I’m switching. 

I’ve seen sky broadband ads in EDSA and I think it would be a great idea. Who else can offer 16 MBPS of data, plus cable tv!?! 

Im in. Take my money! 

My friend who also has sky cable encouraged me to try it out. She’s a happy subscriber and I had firsthand experience with her super fast data connection. Compare to ours, it’s like the bullet train vs pnr. 

Of course, I know it differs per area, so its quite early to tell. Hopefully it will be a great surprise, if not, I still have my PLDT.

 I sure will write about it as soon as it gets installed. 


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