My not-so-smart Smart experience

Who here knows about Smart Communications? What about Globe Telecoms? Sun Cellular maybe?

And who here has a negative experience with these networks?

I have one. I’ve been a loyal subscriber of Smart. From prepaid, to postpaid…I stuck it with Smart. Even after Globe launched it’s unlitext promo, I waited patiently, until Smart came up with their own version of unlitext. I understand them back then. Not anymore.

Last December, my contract ended with them. I got a call from their telesales agent and was asked what handset I’d want and the delivery details. Not once did they say my services with be reduced to almost nothing. Had I known, I would’ve rejected the offer!

Since then, I have been calling their hotline, and kept getting promised a callback, but no one bothered to call. I am now seeking the help of NTC and am waiting for mediation meeting.


Who else got feels they got duped by Smart?


Or have any issues with telcos here?


Place your comments below, would love to here from you!




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