Emerald City: the magic is gone


Why NBC? Why? 
The land of Oz created by L. Frank Baum is a loving tale of hope, kindness, creativity, acceptance and friendship. Why did you have to replace those sweet, memories of my childhood into a war-driven-sex-powered meanness. This is pure evil. 

The story is great as it it, why did you have to darken the story? It’s as if the tv world is not full of dark war and sex-crazed plotlines already! 

The old Dorothy, full of hope, and has nothing but kindness in her heart, is now replaced by a jaded nurse who kills whoever steps in her way. 
The scarecrow, now an old soldier with amnesia… somehow came in line with the original story, him lacking “brain” and all.

I hate how glinda and the wicked witch of the west seems to be conniving with the wizard. How can you show morals to young children with the distinction between right and wrong when the lines are not drawn? 

I liked the Tinman’s story though. I think that’s the redeeming factor in this story. He has a heart–although technically, it is artificial. He’s the only one who still continues to see the beauty friendship, in trust, in hope. 

Hopefully there will be a difference with what is shown, because as of this moment, not only is this show dull, it lacks soul.

Thumbs down NBC. 


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