C and D goes to Chinatown

Hi I’m C! 

And this is My friend, D! 

Together, (and with our “babies”) we walked the streets of Binondo… right before Chinese New Year!

New year! The advent of new beginnings. This is the time when everybody is hopeful for a bright future and an easy year ahead. 

While the rest of the world has long finished celebrating their new years, the East, (and most Chinese people around the globe) are just starting their preparations. 
Chinese New Year. The day when people light up firecrackers and enjoy. Where cakes are tikoy, and where gold should surround the place. 

And because it is customary, I ought to go and buy Tikoy, and Kiat Kiat. And where else should I go to, but ye ole’ Chinatown!
We took a lot of photos (mainly of them While I work on the camera) 

We weren’t able to explore the place further, mainly because the babies and D has work in a few hours, but next time, I’ll have more pictures! That’s for sure! 


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