Old-school, Super Mario Girl

Back when I was small, I remember waking up one Saturday morning, still scratching my eyes and still half asleep,  with a family computer on my bed. Papa came with a surprise, a gaming console for the family. I can still remember how happy he was unboxing it, and showing us how it is played. Next thing you know, me and my older brother were busy arguing who’ll play first.

And since I can’t have the game all by myself-not if my brother can help it, eversince then, I’ll be praying daily to have a flu or something just so I can play with Super Mario all day long.

I wasn’t able to finish the game, unfortunately because my stupid brother kept hogging the game! So alas, I had to just satisfy myself with books, and books…and cartoons.

Of course we had, and bickered on other games-me and my brother….but this one pulled out a string. Maybe its because it has papa in it, but who knows?

So imagine my surprise when family computers are now gaining back traction…and not only that, supermario is back! Well, technically it’s available in IOS as Mario Run. Android has a version of it’s own, but somehow different. Super Smash World, but Super Mario, nonetheless. I liked the android version better. It’s the nostalgia. Brings me back to being a six years old, wide-eyed school girl again! I want to give my thanks to whoever created that app! Thank God Hallelujah for being alive! I know this is blasphemous, but this game seriously is amazing! Now I can finally finish the game. And not to mention the unlimited lives! I can play forever until I finally reach the end…

I am biased with Super Smash World, I agree. Because it’s more similar to the game I grew up with. It’s like the one I played with my family computer, and it’s like the one I played with my gameboy, and my gameboy color, and my gameboy advanced, although it was different from the DS version, and so o, and so forth.

I like Mario Run, don’t get me wrong. It has the old Mario vibe, which I liked and enjoy, but it doesnt have the toggle buttons. The arrow keys, and the “a” for jump and “b”  for shoot. Those are the things I missed. I don’t know if nintendo will modify it to stick back to “tradition”, or maybe they’re trying to brainwash me to like it more. Maybe in time I will, maybe I won’t, who knows?

So in conclusion, I really appreciate that Super Mario is back, but I loved the android version more, and hope that I won’t get brainwashed into liking the IOS version  better.



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