Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions


It’s the time of the year once again. Where people are listing things they want to change, meet, or replace. A time to ponder on the year that was, and list down things you need to improve on.

Having a list is nice. It’s a tracker to manage your life better. Though, most people would snicker at the thought of it, it is nice to change for the better.

And because we’re talking about lists, here are the Top 10 things people include in their New Year’s Resolution:

1. Exercise regularly


The holidays brings out the best cheers, but also contributes to the pile of calories we need to burn down. We need to loose those extra pounds gained! Good luck, and Namaste!

2. Start eating healthier foods


Double cheeseburger with barbecue sauce and extra fries no more! Time to start making healthy choices, hello salad!

3. Quit smoking

As we know, smoking is a bad habit. It slowly kills you, and the people around you, but you just can’t quit. Salut to the ones courageous enough to say no! Keep it up!
4. Quit drinking


Goodbye Margarita, it’s been nice knowing you! No more partying. It’s time to focus on your life and health!
5. Be punctual/ not be late anymore


Stop pressing the snooze button and thinking the alarm clock is just a suggestion. No more laziness please! This is a new year!

6. Meet new people


This is the year to be bold. Be brave. Be decisive. Stop being confined in the four walls of your office.  Be open to meet new friends, you never know! *wink*

7. Contribute/ Give to charity


This is the time to share your blessings. The lord may not have given you all, but he gave you enough to share. Spread the love! Your life will be more meaningful that way.


8. Save! Save! Save!


It’s time to start thinking about your future and stop burning all your hard earned cash in food or parties. You’re not getting any younger. Start setting aside just a few funds to your savings, or invest. Always remember, a penny saved is a penny earned!
9. Be more adventurous… travel!


Time to explore new horizons. Visit different places, meet different cultures!
10. Find a new hobby


This is a year of new beginnings, so why not start something new? Find your passion and enjoy!


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